Saturday, September 10, 2011

Team Dale visits the Livesay Life

Nothing says love like my big city friend trekking over to Victoria, TX!

My best, favorite life long friend, Allison came to visit and we had a blast! If you don't know the story about the Livesays and the Dales... it's a good one. Allison and I became friends in 7th grade when Allison moved to Coppell. We really bonded in freshman study hall where we tried to get a pass to go to the library every single day. That way we could sit and talk the whole time. It usually worked out. Our study hall teacher was the baseball coach and I'm pretty sure he was happy to have two less talkative freshman in the room. From that point on, Allison and I were a team. We did both dance on the drill team (one of us more than the other). I've really got a million stories and we keep adding to them. The part of our story that is really a blessing is that Allison and Eric introduced Stephen and I. Eric and Stephen grew up together just like Allison and I. Eric and Stephen lived in the same neighborhood their whole life and were most importantly fishing buddies. Anyway, after a few attempts, Eric and Allison finally got Stephen and I to meet and go on a bind date. I'm so thankful they did. Between us there are 5 kids, a few dogs, and lots more fun ahead!

Hudson and George-Anna
Stephen and Eric

Hudson with Allison and me
Evelyn, Hudson, and George-Anna

Evelyn, Hudson, Major, and George-Anna
They have baby Fletcher now and he was napping.

the parents and life long friends
We had a kiddo take the picture but I had to document the moment. I'm so happy they came! It was so so so fun! We'll do it again soon!


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pine Cove ~ Crier Creek ~ 2011

A little snooze on I-10, driving to our summer fun extravaganza!
oh the anticipation... waiting in the car line
home sweet home
lofts rock
sweet emily and hudson
nothing says pine cove like a dance train at club


Hudson may or may not be crying his eyes out in this picture. He was super upset that he didn't win the shoe scramble... next year we'll wear crocs ;)

watching the rodeo
tuesday morning
trail ride with my sweetie

Hudson moving on up to Wild Kids
family free time/jump off stuff time
huddy, mid-jump from 20 foot platform

ode to the swing...
"Oh beautiful swing. You make my heart sing. With you, I have wings."

always gotta document the skit situation... it's funny
You Better Believe It

hudson and i getting situated
That's my super 4 year old doing it like a pro!
Beach Party

it rained which made for some messy fun

uncle reed and major
fabulous family fellowship
Wild Kids Awards
Hudson got the Encourager Award
He also got an award from all the counselors called the "Hey you're awesome!" award. They said Hudson would tell them they were awesome a lot. He's so fun!
David and Hudson
Last time in the lagoon
Disco party

Gabriel, Hudson, David, and Major
Gabriel and David are 8 years old. They were awesome with Hudson and he was in heaven playing with them. They ran around camp like crazies and it was fun to let Hudson have more freedom and be a big boy. It's so nice to be around families that really train their kids to be kind and include others. It's a breath of fresh air!

We absolutely loved camp again this year. I'm keeping this post simple because I've just not stayed on top of the blog but I want to include this. We loved having Stephen's Baylor friends, the Browns, with us week 6. It really made it even more enjoyable for us. Can't wait for next year!